Man ‘Sets New World Record’ As He Carries 16 Chairs on His Chin for 10 Seconds in Viral Video


International Ghanaian acrobat, Hayford Okine, has set a new world record as the first person to balance sixteen steel chairs on his chin in ten seconds. Okine who lives in Zagreb in Croatia recently took part in Bulgaria’s Got Talent reality show on May 9, 2021, to display his unmatched skill in balancing heavy items.

Performing in front of four judges and a large audience, he balanced the sixteen (16) steel chairs on his chin in ten seconds, attracting rounds of applause and standing ovations from the judges.

The feat was previously attained by another artist from the United Kingdom (UK), who set a record with eleven chairs. Hayford Okine first shot to international prominence when he appeared on Croatia Got Talent reality show in 2019 to display his trademark skill in balancing drinking glasses, bottles, and trays and reached the finals, earning him the moniker the King of Balance.

His unique talent and hard work have opened doors for him to perform on major platforms during festivals around the world.


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