Apostle Suleman Tackles Lai Mohammed For Holding Press Conference


Apostle Johnson Suleman vented his anger on Lai Mohammed for holding a press conference to address Twitter pulling down Buhari’s tweet which actually ignites violence calling him jobless.

According to Apostle Johnson Suleman, school children were kidnapped, no federal press conference was held to address it, people are killed daily and there’s no word of stern threat to the bandits.

But then a tweet was deleted and Lai Mohammed gathered the courage to hold a press conference for that which shows how heartless and jobless they are asking Nigerians to define joblessness.


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Apostle Johnson Suleman also added that many people are mad in Nigeria but only a few are roaming on the streets insinuating the all the government officials are mad but just aren’t roaming on the streets.

This press conference of Lai Mohammed shows how heartless the government and his officials are for them to have ignored all the killings and insecurities going on in the country but suddenly got the courage to hold a press conference for a tweet that was deleted.

Screenshot below;


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