Woman bans family from her funeral and publishes guest list in own obituary


A woman in Spain organized for her obituary to be published after her death with a guest list of those allowed to attend her burial.

Maria Paz Fuentes Fernandez, who died on June 2, banned her family members from attending her funeral. She used her obituary in a newspaper to publish an exclusive guest list for her funeral.

She wrote: “Since my family has not been by blood for a long time, I declare in my last will and testament that only the people mentioned below can attend my funeral service, be it at the funeral parlour, church or cemetery.”


The woman listed 15 names allowed to be present to pay their last respects.


She added: “To everyone else who never cared during my life, I want you to carry on living far away from me, just like you were before.”

The obituary was published in the El Progreso newspaper in Lugo, Galicia, and has since gone viral online.

Some people described the woman as “brave” for speaking her truth in her final moments.

One Twitter user said: “If they left her alone during her life, they can get lost with their hypocrisy, well away from her funeral. Great lesson from this lady putting them in her place.”


But others branded the guest list a “disgrace”, saying she must have died an “unhappy, spiteful woman.”


One Twitter user wrote: “Dying bitter has to be one of the saddest ways to die, truthfully.”


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