Alleged Terrorism: Why Nnamdi Kanu Risks Death Sentence or Life Imprisonment As Hearing Resumes in Abuja 


There is a possibility that Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), may face more serious charges punishable by death sentence or life imprisonment when his trial resumes on Monday, July 26. The federal government in a letter to western diplomats had accused the IPOB leader of carrying out mass killings in the country.

According to Premium Times, the government said Kanu orchestrated the killing of 60 persons and the destruction of property in 55 violent attacks across the southeast and south-south zones within four months.

The letter dated April 26, 2021, alleged that the atrocities were committed by members of IPOB on the alleged instruction of Kanu who was then in exile at the time.

The consequences of the accusation are that if Kanu is found guilty, he risks spending a lifetime jail sentence or worse the death sentence.

According to The Cable, the Terrorism Prevention Act prescribes either life imprisonment or a death as punishment for being involved in terrorism. Section 4 of the Terrorism Prevention Act states that:

”(1) A person who knowingly, in any manner, solicits or renders support for (a) an act of terrorism; or (b) a proscribed organisation or an internationally suspected terrorist group. an offence under this Act and shall on conviction be liable to imprisonment for a maximum term of 20 years. ”(2) without prejudice to subsection (2) of this section, where death results from any terrorist act the penalty shall be death sentence.

‘For the offence of treason/treasonable felony, Section 37 and Section 41 of the Criminal Code Act prescribes either life imprisonment or a death sentence.”


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