Details of Calabria Village that is Offering People N13.6m to Move in, Nigerians Can Apply


Calabria region in Italy is preparing to offer persons able to relocate and settle a sum of $33,000 (N13.6 million), CNN reports. The offer which will run over a period of three years maximum is aimed at igniting interest and opening up the sleepy village.

The move is also aimed at solving the problem of population decline that the village has faced for some years now and consequently left its inhabitants at 2,000. The target age the area is looking out for are persons not over 40.

Conditions to fulfil before you can get the N13.6 million

Aside from mandatorily relocating to the area within 90 days of applying, an interested person must also be ready to set up a business or take preexisting offers as required by the village.

A Regional Councillor Gianluca Gallo has stated while speaking to CNN that there may be a one-off support funding for the launch of a new commercial activity. He said: “We’re honing the technical details, the exact monthly amount and duration of the funds, and whether to include also slightly larger villages with up to 3,000 residents. “We’ve had so far a huge interest from villages and hopefully, if this first scheme works, more are likely to follow in coming years.”

Luxury Launches highlights the towns involved in this scheme of relocation to include Aieta, Albidonia, Bova, Caccuri, Civita, Samo and Precacore, Sant’Agata del Bianco, San Donato di Ninea and Santa Severina.

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