Youverify Launches Youid, An All-in-one Security And Lifestyle App


YouID is a product of Youverify the technology company focused on identity and access management with biometric identity verification and other digital identity solutions. The innovation comes on the heels of the costly and recurring threats that individuals and organisations have to grapple with online.

The internet and communication technologies have revolutionized the way individuals communicate and transact with one another. This change is not peculiar to individuals alone as businesses – micro, small, medium, and large have embraced and adopted some level of technology or the other to enable them operate in simpler, more intuitive, and efficient ways.
These technological changes, incremental in nature, have over the course of time gained acceptance and become prevalent, connecting individuals and institutions across different time zones and continents, and at the same time creating a new digitally enabled culture and economy.

These advancements in technology and connectivity require users to have or create digital identities of some sort, vis-a-vis filling out online forms in order to gain access to services, mobile Apps, websites as well as certain software and tools. Their identities are captured via email addresses, usernames, passwords, phone numbers and in some case their location – a process which could be cumbersome, time-consuming, and sometimes frustrating, especially because it requires individuals to memorize usernames and passwords to be able to login to sites and access information or tools available there.

Again, there is also the burden and risk associated with moving around with important documents such as government-issued identifications like the international passport, national identity cards, driver’s licenses, and vehicle documents.

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