5 Things You Should Know About Professor Peller, the Magician Who Once ‘Cut’ His Wife In 2 on Stage During Performance


A famous Nigerian musician, Folorunsho Abiola, popularly known as Professor Peller is an iconic figure of modern-day magic. For years, he wowed many before the age of social media with his magic show. The year 2021 makes it 24 years since his death.

  1. Early life

Professor Peller attended Moslem School and Native Authority Primary School, both in Isyein, Oyo state. At one time in his life, he was a trader.

  1. His magic journey

Though he started his show of tricks in Oyo, his fame later took him to places like Lagos. In 1964, he studied magical arts in India.

  1. He once lived out of the country for long Immediately after his training in India.

He went to Liberia and settled there. He spent a duration of 18 months bettering his skill. In 1996, he had his first show since his training in India at the Federal Palace Hotel, Lagos.

  1. How the magician met his wife

In an interview with The Nation, Alhaja Silifat Peller said that they both met when he came to her school to perform. For years, they became co-performers on stage. He once magically ‘cut’ her in two during a performance.

  1. On his assassination Silifat blamed journalists for Peller’s death.

She revealed that it was at one of his interviews that he gave his secrets away. According to her, he told a journalist that he is always powerless whenever he is praying. On Monday, August 2, his son, Hon Shina Abiola Peller remembered his dad as he said that the pain of his death is still fresh in their memories.



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