Bride Refuses to Smile As Hubby Sprays Her Money at Wedding (Video)


One of the highlights of a wedding is the happy expression of a bride. Some social media users were, however, dumbfounded when they spotted the video of an unhappy bride on her big day.The video showed the bride donned in blue and red attire as she stood still before her guest. Her man was seen happily spraying her some money but she did not smile.

The happy groom even tried to whisper something funny into the ears of his woman but she did not budge. The man, however, did not stop as he kept smiling and spraying his woman. Check out the video below:

See reactions below:

premzy_: “In Ijaw tradition the bride doesn’t smile for a while till the husband makes her. He sprays her continuously and can be supported by his people, her smile is the acceptance.”

oiza_collection: “It’s an ijaw culture… the bride is not allowed to smile while the groom is spraying her… the more she frowns, the more the groom sprays money.”

debby_debz: “It’s Ijaw traditiona for the wife to frown till the husband makes her smile or laugh.”

oluchi_luchess: “This is ijaw tradition, she’ll frown till her husband tickle her. this tradition is not for laughing jackers like me.”


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