Golf star Elexis Brown, 13, dies in sleep hours after being spotted sleepwalking


A young golf prodigy has died in her sleep hours after being found sleepwalking.

Elexis Brown, aged 13, passed away in her sleep having previously complained of feeling sick.

The emergency services were called to Brown’s home in Lincolnshire, England, early on Sunday morning, August 7, but Brown was unresponsive and passed away after being taken to a local hospital.

Father Ben Peter described her as a “beautiful person” and the teenager’s golf coaches also paid their own touching tributes.

Ben Peter told Lincolnshire Live: “She went to bed as usual on Saturday night. She woke up sleepwalking and unfortunately had been a little bit sick.

“We put her back to bed to make sure she’s okay, as you would do as a parent. A few hours later we found her and she was gone.”

“I’d not realised how popular she was until I saw all the tributes on her Instagram,” her father added.


“She never knew herself how popular she was because was a very modest person.


“If she could see what people are saying about her and her achievements, I think she’d be shocked.”


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