How to compose an unforgettable birthday message


It’s the birthday of someone special in your life yet you’re at a loss of what to write. Perhaps you’re in panic mode already or feeling completely devasted which is pretty normal but this isn’t the end of the world. You can write a decent birthday message to this special person even if you feel like you have nothing to say.


In this article, we’ll be going over some tips to help you craft original, sincere birthday posts or messages for the special people in your life whether it’s a family member, friend, acquaintance, business partner, etc.

So get your pens and notepads ready and take as many notes as you can.

Prepare Birthday Messages or Posts In Advance
It always pays to be an early bird and in the business of writing the most thoughtful birthday messages or posts, starting early can be quite rewarding.

You can take out a day or two before this person’s birthday to draft a message for their birthday. Depending on what you’re comfortable with, make use of your device’s notepad application, or a hard copy notepad to write down your draft.

Don’t try to sound perfect in your message rather, focus on the content of the message. There are no restrictions to writing birthday messages and posts hence, feel free to write as far as your imagination takes you.

Remember too, that it’s their birthday and it’s all about them and not you. So skip fixing the spotlight on yourself and keep this spotlight on the celebrant.

Writing a birthday message early takes away the stress of overthinking and tension to write something perfect on the celebrant’s birthday.

Make A List Of Things You Appreciate About This Person
If you’re finding it difficult writing something meaningful to a celebrant on their birthday, try a more practical method.

All you need to do is outline items about this person you appreciate. This could be their unique qualities, experiences you’ve encountered with them, memories, high moments in their life, anything nice and memorable enough to make this list.

If you can successfully do this, you’re one step away from the perfect birthday message or post.

Next, flesh these points into a wholesome story or appreciation post for the celebrant.

Be Sincere
While the tone of your messages to a birthday celebrant should be a positive one, you want to be sincere as well.

So always check that your points are from a place of sincerity. Skip over-exaggeration of details for correct and accurate representation.

Try Voice Notes
Not everyone is awesome with writing and that’s totally fine. Text isn’t the only medium to convey your thoughts. Hence, try voice notes. And just like in writing, you may have to record several takes.

While recording a birthday message via voice note or audio, you want to keep some checkers in mind; make sure your voice is clear enough so that the recipient can hear everything you’re saying. Also, make sure your words are well-articulated.

Since this is a voice note, tone matters. You wouldn’t want to send a VN celebrating someone on their birthday sounding like you’re sad or unenergized.

Also, Try Video And Voice Calls
If you’re not big on written and audio messages, you could explore video or voice calls.

But this isn’t without its own sets of cautions. You want to be sure it’s a good time for the birthday celebrant to take your call. So if you reach them when you call, you may want to ask if they’re available to take your call at that moment.

Again, just like with Voicenotes, watch your tone and be sure to sound sincerely energetic and positive.

If there are other ways you send birthday messages to the special people in your life, please let me know in the comments. I’ll be looking out. Oh! And a very happy birthday to you! If it’s your birthday today and you’re reading this. You’re super amazing! Cheers.