Meet the Ghanaian lady who massages men’s balls for a living (Video)


A Ghanaian cosmetologist, identified as Vydash, who has specialised in massaging men’s balls (scrotum) to make a living, has opened up on her job.

Vydash, Ghanaian Lady, Massages Men's 'Balls' For A Living - 2021»™

As a massage therapist, she has explained her specialty path is to help improve erection in men, especially for those who fail to get an erection when they’re ready to go.

H0w t0 g!ve and rec!eve pr0per bl0w j0b - Vydash teaches - YouTube

Bragging about happy ending being her hallmark, Vydash, in an interview, said she takes delight in making her clients happy.

Watch the video below:

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