See The New Rates For Vehicle Number Plates & Driving Licences In Nigeria


A report by The Punch indicates that the federal government has commenced the implementation of new rates for vehicle number plates and driving licences across the country.

The report stated that the Joint Tax Board (JTB) took the decision at its 147th meeting which was held in Kaduna on Thursday, March 25.

JTB released a letter dated Friday, July 30, directed various federal and state agencies to commence the implementation of the rates. According to the letter, the chairman of the JTB approved August 1 as the commencement date for the implementation of the new rates.

The letter was reportedly signed by the board secretary, Obomeghfe Nana-Aisha. The JTB is chaired by the chairman of the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS).

Below is a list of the new rates approved by the JTB:

Number plates

Number plates in Nigeria

  1. Standard private and commercial number plates – (New rate: N18,750; old rate: N12,500)
  2. Fancy number plate – (New rate: N200,000; old rate: N80,000)
  3. Motorcycle number plate – (New rate: N5,000; old rate: N3,000)
  4. Articulated number plates – (three plates) – (New rate: N30,000; old rate: N20,000)
  5. Out of series number plate – ( New rate: N50,000; old rate: N40,000)
  6. Government fancy number plate – (New rate: N20,000; old rate: N15,000)

Driving licence

Drivers license in Nigeria

  1. Driving licence (three years) – (New rate: N10,000; old rate: N6,000, excluding bank charges)
  2. Driving licence (five years) – (New rate: N15,000, old rate: N10,000)
  3. Motorcycle/tricycle driving licence (three years) – (New rate: N5,000; old rate N3,000)
  4. Motorcycle/tricycle driving licence (five years) – (New rate: N8,000; old rate: N5,000)

Daily Trust reported that commercial and private drivers have decried the upward review of the rates payable to obtain driver’s licence and new number plates.

The newspaper stated that the federal government while making the announcement had said it was part of measures to increase revenue for the country to execute projects that will benefit the citizenry.



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