3 Celebrities That Have Posted A Photo Of Themselves Sitting In A Toilet


Celebrites can be quite funny sometimes. Some of them intentionally do some things, so they can trend and people will talk about them. We have seen where celebrities do some really funny things when they want to promote their songs, show or they are justing having fun. Three popular Nigerian celebrities have uploaded a photo of themselves sitting on a toilet.

1) Teni

Teni also known as Makanaki is one of the top female Nigerian musicians we currently have in the industry. She is known to be funny and full of life. She uploaded a photo of herself sitting on a toilet, posing like she was thinking. She put her trouser down, but it is obvious she is still wearing something. She uploaded this photo with a funny caption, linking the photo to her upcoming show.

2) Phyno

Phyno is one of the best indigenous rappers that we have in Nigeria. He has blessed us with a lot of hit songs like connect, fada fada, ghost mode, and so on. One unique thing about Phyno is that even if you don’t understand the igbo language, you will still vibe to his songs. He has also uploaded a photo of himself sitting on a toilet and recording a song.

3) Wizkid

Wizkid is currently one of the biggest musicians in Nigeria. Wizkid can be said to be the first Nigerian musician that will do this trend of snapping themselves sitting on a toilet. If you look closely, you will see the tissue paper he is holding looks like money. I think he was trying to promote one of his songs then, which talked about money.

is this a challenge? if yes, which celebrity do you think will participate?