Do not buy cars until you can afford it – Pastor Bolaji Idowu (Video)


Pastor Bolaji Idowu has asked young people not to feel pressured into buying cars until they can afford.

He said some young people try to fit in with their friends lifestyle, expensive clothes, cars and they feel they need to do the same thing even when they can’t afford. He advised them not to feel pressured until they can afford it. Do you agree with him?

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Typical black man mentality. They feel worthless when they don’t dress a certain kind of way or drive a special kind of car, and the society also play a role by looking down on those who doesn’t , and celebrate those who do. U are celebrated when you wear designer in Africa and that is the way you feel like a human being, the fact is, it’s a feeling of worthless. And slavery played a major role in that.


Gbam!! This one hits home!


Coza pastor just left the group and deleted it