Ex-police woman Rosemary Ndlovu accused of plotting to kill six family members show bizarre behaviour prior to hearing (Photos)


The ex-police woman accused of killing several people through fire, strangling and the hiring of hit men made her appearance at the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s court yesterday, this time for allegedly plotting to kill her sister and five other family members for an insurance policy payout.

Rosemary Ndlovu displayed some bizarre actions in the court, lifting her skirt for court spectators in what appeared to be a pose to show her buttocks.

As she entered the courtroom, Ndlovu told television journalist Linda Mnisi that had she had dressed up for him.

“I got dressed up for you – when I heard you were coming I woke up early to fix myself.”

Ndlovu’s defence told the court that she had been set up by a convict whom she had previously arrested.

Ndlovu was caught on camera telling undercover police how to murder her sister and the five children she was staying with in Bushbuckridge in Mpumalanga. The police arrested her at a taxi rank in Bushbuckridge, and her house in Gauteng was searched, where policy documents were found.

The policies are said to have been worth millions of rand, which Ndlovu would have received in the event of her family members’ death.

Ndlovu told the court that she was a psychiatric patient at a hospital in the East Rand, and she had been given a pass out of the ward to see a traditional healer in Bushbuckridge.

Seemingly agitated by Ndlovu, Magistrate Ramarumo Monama constantly reprimanded her for not responding to questions, or giving theories that contradicted the version of events given by the hit men she allegedly hired.

Questioned about why she made the statements to the undercover police about killing her sister, Ndlovu seemed to suggest she was acting.

“Yes, you heard me correctly. That is what I said. I was giving those answers in the clip, but I was responding in that manner because I was told that is how I am meant to reply for that day. He told me (the convict she allegedly once arrested) this on the same day, on the 7th (March 2018) after I met up with him at the gate of the hospital.”

Ndlovu told the court that she had been told that the police who were in the car that picked her up from the hospital were thugs, and she had to respond in a certain way so that they would take her to her destination.

“Njabulo and I stood there and had a discussion of how I should respond. He said the driver was a thug and he would agree to take us to Bushbuckridge only if he knew we were going to do something that would get us money. I was coached by Njabulo to reply in that manner,” Ndlovu told the court.

The court was told that Ndlovu had tried hard to get her sister killed, but in many instances the plans failed. The plans included spiking her sister’s drink and then strangling her, and killing her in a fire.

She also told the court that she was not in debt as the hitmen claimed she was, and that she would often help her family with money.

Ndlovu had the challenge of commenting on evidence given by more than 50 witnesses.

Evidence was presented in court that Ndlovu had bought petrol for R29 for the purpose of burning her sister to death.

The matter continues today.


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