“I can tell my life experiences with my 22 tattoos” – Moet Abebe


Award winning On-air-personality, Moet Abebe has shared how her 22 tattoos can tell her life experiences.

Abebe noted that all her 22 tattoos or a certain situation all have different meanings that depict her life experiences.

The self-acclaimed radio goddess disclosed this recently to The Nation in an exclusive chat.

She said, “I have 22 tattoos, I got my first tattoo when I was sixteen. I just like tattoos because they tell a story, I can tell my life experiences or a certain situation with my tattoo, all my tattoos have meanings. The most important is the one on my collar bone that says ‘I can and I will watch me’ which basically motivates me, it means that I will achieve anything and if you doubt you should just watch me.”

The stylish OAP also took time to advise young girls who get molested by men saying, “It may seem like you’re alone, it may seem like this is only you experiencing this but you’d be shocked and amazed of how many people have been in this similar sort of situation that you’ve been, all I will say is be strong and don’t think that whenever you want to share your story is too late. For the guys to grow some actual real-life testicles. I think it is such a cowardly move and its wack and I also feel like boys should learn a bit more about consent and what consent is and that is why you should watch our show because we have an episode on consent and it is an episode for men.”


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