Private Jets Are Used to Smuggle Gold in Nigeria – Uchechukwu Ogah


Uchechukwu Ogah, the minister of state for mines and steel development, has made a disturbing revelation about gold smuggling in Nigeria. The minister on Tuesday, September 14, disclosed that some private jets in the country are used to illegally transport the precious stone, Daily Trust reports.

The minister noted that this act robs the federal government of billions of foreign currency annually and as such, perpetrators must be punished severely.

“Gold smuggling in Nigeria is often done using private jets, the very reason why private jets ownership and operations need to be streamlined in the country. “For these crimes to be fought decisively, potent punitive measures like capital punishment need to be legally provided for.

He added that this trend thrives because some security operatives work with persons who are into this evil trade, Punch added. Ogah, therefore suggested that for this menace to be eliminated, there must be an established federal mines police, special tribunals to try criminals, proper funding for the ministry, and the reorientation of citizens on the issue.

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