Peter Nygård’s Biography – Age, Career, Sex trafficking & Net worth


Fashion mogul, Peter Nygard on Friday agreed to be extradited from Canada to the United States where he faces nine charges of raping dozens of women and girls, racketeering and sex trafficking.


  • Source of Wealth: Fashion
  • Birth Place: Helsinki, Finland
  • Full Name: Peter J. Nygård
  • Nationality: Canada, Finland
  • Date of Birth: 1943
  • Ethnicity: Canadian Finnish
  • Occupation: Fashion Designer


Peter Nygard is 80-years-old


Peter Nygard started his humble beginnings when he used his own life savings and loan to buy 20% of a woman’s clothing manufacturer in 1967. After a few years, he founded his own company, Nygård International based in Winnipeg. The said company was known as Canada’s largest fashion house. His concept store was launched in Times Square, New York in 2009.

Peter Nygard was born on 1943 in Helsinki, Finland. He took up a business degree, graduated from the University of North Dakota.

Sex trafficking

Nygard faces nine charges in the United States involving dozens of victims. If confirmed, his extradition will allow him to answer to the US charges and raise a defense.

Greenspan also told reporters outside of the court room that the US can only bring one charge against him. but could bring multiple counts, due to the Law of Specialty that defends international law.

Nygard has been charged with sex trafficking and racketeering after women came forward accusing him of using his business to lure them in from the United States and the Bahamas for his own sexual gratification.

He was arrested by Canadian authorities on December 14 on an extradition warrant at the US government’s request on charges of assaulting dozens of women in a decades-long sex trafficking scheme.

He is accused of using his prominence in the fashion industry to lure women and girls in with the promise of modeling or other job opportunities before he and his associates sexually assaulted them.

The allegations span a 25-year period and involve more than 80 women in the US, the Bahamas and Canada, among other locations.

His lawyer denies the number of women, saying on seven woman in the US and six in Toronto have been chronicled, he told reporters today.

Net worth

Peter Nygard is a Canadian fashion executive which has an estimated net worth of $877 million.