Police arrests 8 phone fraudsters who sell soaps as phones at circle (Video)


At Kwame Nkrumah Circle, the Ghana Police Service nabbed eight mobile phone fraudsters.

This is the result of a well-planned operation by the Accra Regional Police Command.

DSP Juliana Obeng, speaking to the media after the arrest, detailed how this ring operates at Circle, selling soaps or damaged phones to naïve purchasers as good phones.

They approach you with a new phone and allow you to go through it while the negotiation of the price is going on.

They take the phone back after the negotiation to package it for you. That is when their shady associates disrupt you.

They put a soap bar or a broken phone in the phone case before you know it.

You get in your car, thinking you have bought a working phone, only to find a bar of soap or a broken phone when you open the phone case.

Albert Annor, 27, Daniel Lovi, 22, Prince Frimpong 28, Abraham Abugri, 37, Ebenezer Afful, 28, Alhassan Unisique 37, Stikkins Kpakpo 47, and their leader, Daniel Nii Boye Lartey 57 are the eight suspects apprehended by the police.