Watch the moment Mr. Macaroni confronts police officers after extorting from a young man


Mr. Macaroni, the Nigerian comedian, has confronted police officers in Lagos accused of extorting a group of young men.

In a now-viral video, the officers were seen engaging the young men in a heated argument before the online comedian and activist alighted from his car to prevent the matter from escalating.

One of the young men had accused the policemen of collecting a certain amount from him.

“Do you have evidence of the transaction?” the comedian asked, to which the young man showed him what he claimed to be the proof of the transaction.

Speaking to one of the police officers, who appeared to be the leader of the unit on duty, Macaroni requested that the “money be returned back” to the young man.

“Let them return his money, they are collecting money from citizens. That’s part of the corruption we are talking about,” he said.

Watch the video below: