Daddy Freeze Responds After Biodun Fatoyinbo Called Those Who Condemn Tithing “Nonentities”


After COZA Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo slammed individuals who question tithe payment, meanwhile Daddy Freeze has responded.

While preaching to his congregation about the importance of paying tithe, Fatoyinbo stated that most tithe critics use Elon Musk, an atheist, as an example of how to succeed without paying tithe.

Elon Musk has “a covenant with some other person,” Fatoyinbo said, adding that Christians who have a connection with God should continue to pay tithes.

He went on to call individuals who oppose tithing payment “nonentities.” In response, media personality Daddy Freeze, who opposes tithe payment, called Fatoyinbo to a tithe payment debate on behalf of “the community of nonentities.”

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