‘He deserved to be punished’ – Nigerians makes Uturn as video that led to Cute Abiola’s detention surfaces online


After defending popular skit maker Ahmed Gafar, known as Cute Abiola, for the treatment melted at him, some Nigerians have made a Uturn as they called for his punishment.

In the video, which surfaced online believed to be one of his skits, Cute Abiola depicts the Nigerian policemen badly. From drinking alcohol while on duty to illegal detention and abuse of guns which are known among the Nigerian Police force.

Reacting to the video, many social media users condemned the Cute Abiola for making so much video when he’s aware of the rule of Nigerigeria Navy policy.

blazeisfunny wrote: “He shouldn’t have made this video of a kind” I don’t know when our mentality in this country will change, if he is an american actor you won’t say this. I don’t know why we will just ignore what we need to focus on and face what is not necessary. We just keep shouting of government; we are enemy of ourself.

solo_richie wrote: If this is the video then he should be punished for that you know the rules you don’t go beyond the rules so let him defend himself

omooba_luwaaji wrote: Just imagine this from someone in the service that knows all the rules, if it were bro Shaggi that did this, it can be pardoned but from a naval officer ! He deserved to be punished severely

real_funkymallam wrote: I am sure thats the video . But he should have known better since he’s a military man . They have limit

cerruti1818 wrote: Trouble sleep yanga go wake am.Nigeria military as code of conduct for there men.wish him good luck.

TSB News recalls a statement by the Director of Information, Navy Headquarters, Cdre Suleman Dahun, disclosed Cute Abiola was taken into custody for violating and breaching Armed Forces of Nigeria social media policy.

The statement also disclosed that personnel are not allowed to post their pictures or those of their colleagues in military uniform or images containing military structures.

The statement reads: “Cute Abiola is not missing !!! He is in custody for breaching Armed Forces Social Media Policy,” the Navy spokesperson said.

The Armed Forces Act 2017 provides guidelines on social media use to curb undignified use of social media by members of the Armed Forces, especially acts that could render them susceptible to enemies’ trap or jeopardise ongoing military operations.

“Personnel should not post their pictures or those of their colleagues in military uniforms, or pictures containing military structures, platforms and other military related items,” said one of the slew of cautions in the guidelines.

Military personnel were also required to warn their family members against controversial conducts on social media.

“Personnel will be held liable for any security issues arising from postings in respect of them by civilian friends or relations. They are therefore, to educate their friends and relations as necessary regarding military security and what should not be posted on social media,” the guidelines said.


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