Couple Rock Traditional Isi-Agu Fabric For White Wedding. Yes Or No? (Photos)


Some of you are familiar with the famous Igbo traditional outfit known as Isi Agu. It is used for traditional events and marriages.

A beautiful and young couple in love, used it for their white wedding and it was breathtaking.

Would you use Isi Agu for your white wedding? See more photos below:

Isi Agu (Lion head in English), so-called because of the lion head pattern on the fabric, is a traditional outfit worn by the people of eastern Nigeria. It is usually worn on special events, such as weddings and chieftaincy titles, among others.

Usually, the top has long or short sleeves. Some shirts have gold buttons that are linked by a chain. There is usually a breast pocket on the front. The fabric comes in cotton or velvet.

Before, only men wore this attire, but this is no longer so, as women are also wearing this beautiful fabric and using it to make lovely styles. The Isi Agu fabric comes in diverse colours of choice. Hardly will you attend an event without seeing people rocking this fabric.

The managing director, Asandrea Fashion, Tochukwu Michael Tochukwu, said Isi Agu is prestigious Igbo apparel that bestows pride and authority on the wearer, as every Igbo man is a lion, while the woman is a lioness.

Would you rock Isi Agu for your white wedding?

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