Leo DaSilva Reveals Why Men Die First In Most Marriages Before Their Wives


BBNaija reality show star Leo DaSilva has disclosed why men are mostly the first to die in marriages as he advice those who have supportive wives to hold them with their lives.

According to Leo DaSilva, if you’ve lived abroad as a man you will get why men are always the first to die in marriages in this part of the world and it’s also mostly heart problems that kills men in marriages and some are pressure.

Leo DaSilva then added that supportive spouse is a myth mostly therefore if you are lucky to find a supportive spouse hold her with your life because it’s not easy to have a woman by your side supporting you in everything as your wife.

Leo DaSilva is right, in this part of the world men die early in marriages because of the pressure and heart problems therefore having a supportive wife by your side means you have someone to share your burden with and that reduces the pressure.

Hence, men who have supportive wives who are always there for them helping out and sharing the pressure and burden have to hold them dearly because it’s hard to come by such women these days.

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