Man Narrates How He Escaped While The Ikoyi Building Collapsed (Photos)


A man took to Facebook to narrate how he escaped during the Ikoyi building collapse that occured on Monday.

The man identified as Innocent Xylvestre Denavide on Facebook said he was working in the Ikoyi building before the building collapsed. He shared a photo describing the point he was when the building started to collapse.

He wrote;

“Still Can’t find The boy (Joseph) in green shirt yet. He was an apprentice carrying blocks to floor number 12. Alongside him on that floor is Dandiga and Marcial.

I was standing at the point where the Green arrow is. I had just came down from the 3rd floor where I ate my lunch and kept the reserved food in my bag to be eaten in the evening. I used the stairs. The boys have exhausted the plaster sand so I ordered for more at around 2pm and I was waiting for the guy (tractor driver) to bring it with his tractor. Was standing there so I will him where exactly I want it offloaded and then I heard the crack sound. Saw the pillars giving way and God took it from there. How I ran fast in 3 seconds is absolutely God’s work like Elijah did ran before king Ahab. Thank you Jesus”


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