Rudeboy Gives Nigerians 2 Alternatives To Prevent Snake Bite While Using Toilet


Singer Rudeboy has given Nigerians 2 alternatives in order to prevent snake bit looking at how people are finding snake in their toilet saying it’s either they use a gun or use a transparent WC.

Almost every Nigerian is now scared to use the WC after a snake bit someone who was using it and subsequently others finding snake in their and that has put fear in everyone looking for alternatives to prevent this.

A lot of people have come up with ideas on how to use the WC to prevent being bitten by a snake that is hiding in there and Rudeboy has also shared his thoughts encouraging that one should have a gun and check the WC before using it.

He also shared photos of a transparent WC where you will be able to see everything inside saying it’s either you use the gun or get yourself the transparent WC to prevent any snake bite that could have been prevented.

All the ideas given by Rudeboy and the others will clearly help but we think the best solution to this is for developers to stop putting the pipes that lead to the WC into gutters or places that snakes can easily get access and pass through them to the WC because not all will remember to check if something is inside there before doing whatever they went there to do.

Screenshot below;


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