Ruth Kadiri offers Spiritual Solution to Those with Some Chronic Illness


Nigerian Actress Ruth Kadiri has offereded spiritual solution for those with some chronic illness that has refused to go despite going through every medical medication given them.

Ruth Kadiri posted saying her post is for those who believe in spirituality and not for everyone as she addresses those dealing with shortiness of breath, dizziness, panic attacks and you’ve done everything your doctor asked and still no change gave then an option.

According to her, if you have any of these and it’s still not going no matter the medications you’ve taken, just know that your picture or an incantation made on your behalf has been put in bottle either thrown in the river or kept somewhere else.

And this means that you’re in a trapped cage with no air and that’s why your body is giving you a signal to seek deliverance and you have to pray seriously praying that we be free from the evils of the land and not end up dying because of that.

The thespian’s post simply means that not everything is solved medically hence if you have tried everything your doctor has asked you to do and still these illnesses still exist, know that you need deliverance and have to pray.

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