Tekno Reveals The Best Way To Fix Nigeria


Singer Tekno has given Nigeria the easiest way to fix the country looking at how things are turning out and we think it’s the best solution as it will help very well if adhered to.

According to Tekno, it’s easy to fix Nigeria is everybody who needs to be arrested is arrested and tried accordingly because with that, there will be no corruption in any form and it will serve as a lesson to all.

This solution is the best and most African countries need to learn how to arrest those supposed to be arrested to bring sanity into the system as some politicians are the cause of the problems Nigeria and the entire Africa is having hence if we arrest those who need to be arrested, it will be the best for all of us.

Tekno is right as this is the easiest way to fix Nigeria and the whole of Africa is we start arresting those who are supposed to be arrested and tried accordingly as that will bring sanity into the country and those following suit will think twice before doing anything that will not profit the citizens.

Arresting those needed to be arrested is not going to be easy and simple as it sounds but if the security forces do their best in achieving that by arresting those needed to be arrested will be a step forward in bringing sanity into the country.

Screenshot below;

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