Alex Theodossiadis Biography – Age, Career, Death & Net Worth


Alex Theodossiadis was a young and popular DJ who was a popular figure in the dance and electronic music scene in his hometown of Manchester, and later in Leeds, where he had been based.


He was 25 years old in 2020


Alex Theodossiadis was destined for a promising career as a DJ as he was popular and his fans loved him.


But on January 28, 2020, Alex passed away very suddenly, sending shockwaves through the music community in the north and beyond.

His close-knit family were left devastated.

Having known very little about meningitis prior to Alex’s death, his family now want to raise as much awareness of the infection as possible, in the hope to save lives.

Alex’s mum Sue believes symptom awareness needs to be increased amongst the public, as well as health professionals. He also suffered from Sepsis.

His younger brother Seb Theodossiadis, who is also a DJ, has spent the last 18 months organising a series of events to raise money for the charity Meningitis Now.

Net Worth

His net worth is not available.