I would rather give my kids Jack Daniels and weed than Instagram – CNN host Scott Galloway says


CNN host, Scott Galloway has given an interesting view of his perception of Social media site, Instagram.


Remember that Instagram’s parent company, Facebook has been under scrutiny the last few months over allegations the company found out that Instagram is detrimental to the mental health of teenagers – leading the company to change its name to Metaverse.


On Friday morning, December 3, CNN published a video entitled “Galloway: I’d rather give my kids Jack Daniels and weed than Instagram”

In the video, Scott Galloway tells CNN’s Brianna Keilar he’d rather give his children alcoholic drinks, Jack Daniels and cannabis (also known as weed) than Instagram accounts

Scott Galloway hosts CNN’s subscription streaming service, CNN+, and talks about tech and business .

Below is a video of him explaining why he made the statement and some reactions.



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