Marvin Morgan biography – Age, Career, Cause Of Death & Net Worth


Marvin Morgan was an English professional footballer who played as a forward for several non-league and football league teams.

He played in the football league for around 10 years for different clubs like Shrewsbury Town, Plymouth, Hartlepool, and so on.


He was born on 13 April 1983  and died 6 December 2021. He was 38 years old.


The founder of Fresh Ego Kid, Marvin Morgan was an English former footballer and a businessman.

He signed his first professional contract as a young footballer in 2000 and played in non-league teams, before making his move to Aldershot Town in 2008.

While he mainly moved around teams in the lower leagues, Marvin couldn’t make it to the higher divisions.

In 2011, Morgan founded the clothing brand Fresh Ego Kid out of his boredom.

TalkSport while remembering the player mentions the incident when the late athlete opened up about his business journey.

The founder said that he created the logo by himself while he was feeling bored in front of a computer at his home.

That was followed by other entrepreneurial procedures as he established a successful label.


Marvin Morgan probably didn’t have a wife as he was not married.

None of the official sources mention him having a spouse and we couldn’t get any relationship ideas from his social media profiles as well.

Thus, it is believed that Morgan remained unmarried.

The former footballer didn’t have any children as well.

Cause Of Death

Morgan died on 6 December 2021, aged 38. Tributes were paid by a number of Morgan’s former clubs and former teammates.

The former footballer, Marvin Morgan’s death cause was a sudden death but it might be any bodily complications.

Unfortunately, none of the sources opened up about the actual reason for the demise.

Neither any injury nor any kind of illness on the late personality is reported on the online sources.

Thus, Marvin passed away unexpectedly.


Net Worth

Marvin Morgan probably had a net worth value of around $5- $10 million

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