Mary Njoku Disagrees With Uche Ebere For Saying A 12yr Old Has No Business With Boarding School


Actress Mary Njoku has disagreed with Uche Ebere for saying a 12yr old has no business with boarding school saying there is no manual on how to raise a child and she mustn’t raise her kids like hers.

Uche Ebere reacting to the death of Sylvester said a 12yr old child has no business with boarding school except his/her parents are divorced, or the mother is no more, or any other cogent reason and that there’s nobody to take care of the child as to her, it’s a capital NO for her kids to be in a boarding school.

According to her, as a mother, you will know how to do it and things will go well in your family and there must be a better school around where your children can go to school and be whatever good they want to be in life.

A lot of people have disagreed with her on that including Mary Njoku saying as a mother, she disagrees with her as no one has a manual on how to raise a child since it’s different families, different circumstances, different income, and different children.

Adding that she mustn’t raise her children like hers and no one has to raise his/her children like hers because at the end of it all there are still rapists and robbers that were homeschooled and she’s right on that.

Screenshot below;

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