Overall Best Farmer Honored With Bicycle, Sprayer, And Assorted Items (Video)


To mark yesterday’s special Farmer’s Day, farmers across the country were being honored. Many were excited about yesterday, expecting a great reward for their hard work. From TSB NEWS, we say Thank You to all farmers across the country!

Notably, the Overall Best Farmer for Accra, Ghana Metropolitan Assembly was honored with Bicycle. He was also given a sprayer and assorted items for his hard work.


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As expected, netizens commented:

@Assoverboobs__: What’s wrong with it?
They should have just replaced the bicycle with a truck or something

@Donradikal: “The various Assemblies do organize these National programs with their own funds and by kind courtesy of some donors…We as individuals refuse to pay our market toll, Business Operation permits, building permits, and other taxes to help increase the revenue of the Assemblies..”

@Khojo_Hazard24: “They’re just not serious in life. What would he or she use that small thing for?”

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