Sandra Bullock Revealed She Sometimes Wishes Her Skin “Matched” Her Adopted Children

Sandra Bullock has opened up about how she’s navigating the subject of race while raising her Black children.

The Hollywood actor is mom to Louis, 11, and Laila, 9, whom she adopted in 2010 and 2015, respectively.
Sandra — who has long been open about how she handles the topic of race with her children — has previously been praised for her raw and honest approach, along with her decision to educate them on the subject from a young age.
Appearing on the Red Table Talk show this week, Sandra spoke with host Jada Pinkett Smith — alongside daughter Willow Smith and mom Adrienne Banfield-Norris — about the reality of raising her Black children, admitting that she sometimes wishes their skin colors “matched.”
“To say that I wished our skins matched…sometimes I do,” Sandra said. “Because then it would be easier on how people approached us.”
Sandra continued, “I have the same feelings as a woman with brown skin, and it being her babies. Or a white woman with white babies.”
Interjecting in response, Willow weighed in to share her own thoughts on the subject, saying that a difference in skin color doesn’t influence or change the bond between a parent and their child.
Sandra jumped back in amid Willow’s comments, saying, “Maybe one day that will go away. Maybe one day we will be able to see with different eyes.”

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