Signs To Know If You Are Going Blind And The Steps To Take


Signs To Know If You Are Going Blind And The Steps To Take

The eyes are what brings light into the body and also makes us distinguish objects, effectively participate in activities and also comfortably live. The eyes are very important and as such, there are certain problems that might befall the eyes and in the long run cause blindness or loss of vision if care is not immediately taken.

So, in this article, we are going to have a look at some of the signs a person is slowly going blind and early steps to take. If you start noticing these signs and symptoms, the best thing you can do for yourself is take proactive steps to save your vision. Just sit tight and learn something new from this article.

What Are These Signs?

  1. Extreme sensitivity to Light; this is one of the unhealthy signs of vision threatening eye conditions. If you start having very high sensitivity to light, then you may be slowly or gradually losing your vision.
  2. Terrible Eye Pain; there are many eye problems and diseases and most of them start off by making you feel terrible pain in the eyes. If you start having terrible eye pain, do well to go for checkup to avoid losing your vision especially if the eye pain is not for a clear reason.
  3. Blurry Vision; this is another sign of gradual loss of vision that should not be taken for granted. When an infection starts developing in the eyes, it often starts by making you have blurry vision. Sudden blurry vision could be a sign of nearsightedness and can also be a sign of a more serious vision threatening condition.
  4. Halos Around Lights; this is perhaps one of the visual emergencies that should be treated as such. If you start seeing halos or rainbow coloured lines, circles when you stare at lights, then you may have a serious eye problem or disease that is capable of causing total vision loss.

What Are The Steps You Should Take?

Most times, people rush to get medicated glasses immediately they start having blurry vision, not knowing that it’s a sign of one of the serious eye diseases. In some cases, it’s due to high blood sugar level, so what you need to do immediately is go for a blood sugar level test to know your blood glucose level. Reason being that when your blood sugar level is high, it can affect the eyes in numerous ways and can even cause blindness if not attended to.

  1. Visit An Eye Doctor; after ascertaining your blood sugar level, the next step you need to take is visiting an eye doctor or opthalmologist. Reason being that the eye doctor may scrutinize and confirm what is wrong with your eyes and if need be commence treatment if it’s an eye disease.

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