Nigerian man invents stove that uses water to cook (Video)


Nigerian man invents stove that uses water to cook (Video)

Hadi Usman, a 67-year-old talented Nigerian man from the Jekadafari area of Gombe State, has invented a water-cooking stove in response to the country’s rising cooking gas prices.

Usman is said to have been responsible for a slew of unusual and noteworthy inventions in the past.

He is known for putting together a radio transmitter and running a community radio station.

The 67-year-old man wants the federal government to assist him in mass-producing his water-powered cooking stove in order to mitigate the negative effects that the rising price of cooking gas has on Nigerians.

“I wish relevant institutions and bodies can support towards patenting the project for mass production to at least help the without buying kerosene or gas to cook their food by using water,” Hadi said.

Watch The Video Below;

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