‘We want to learn Yahoo Yahoo’ — teenagers declare in viral video


‘We want to learn Yahoo Yahoo’ — teenagers declare in viral video

A video of three teenagers searching for where to learn internet fraud popularly known as ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ in Edo state has surfaced online and gone viral.

In the two-minute video, the boys who are between the ages of 14 and 15, appeared stranded and were seen with bags believed to contain their clothes and personal belongings.

A yet-to-be-identified man, who filmed the boys, could be heard interrogating them in a mixture of English and Pidgin.

When asked where they were going to, the boys replied: “We wan come hustle.”

On the kind of hustle they are after, they said: “Yahoo hustle…”

Seemingly shocked at their response, the interviewer had probed further if they really wanted to learn internet fraud.

Reaffirming their initial claim, they answered: “Yes…but not Yahoo plus”.

‘Yahoo plus’ is another dimension of cybercrime which involves people using traditional charms and mystical powers to swindle their victims.

When asked why they took to the streets in search of where to learn cybercrime, they said: “As they don come pursue us, na him we com dey find where we go stay.

“Na the person we dey stay with pursue us. We no dey get rest of mind for house, any small thing wey we do, they will start cursing us. They eventually chased us away. So, we come dey find where we go do Yahoo.”