Snoop Dogg sued for ‘forcing oral sex’ on woman in 2013


Snoop Dogg sued for ‘forcing oral sex’ on woman in 2013

Snoop Dogg, the US rapper and TV personality, has reacted to a sexual assault claim against him.

According to TMZ, a woman simply identified as Jane Doe sued the rapper for allegedly forcing oral sex on her in 2013.

In the lawsuit, the woman claimed that the incident occurred when she attended one of his shows in Anaheim, California.

Jane said after the show, Bishop Don Juan, Snoop’s long-time friend, had offered her a ride home. She added that on their way, she fell asleep inside the car and woke up in Juan’s home.

The lawsuit claimed that by the time she woke up in the morning, Juan “removed his penis from his pants and forced his penis in plaintiff’s face,” and “repeatedly shoved his penis into plaintiff’s mouth.”

It added that Juan “discriminated against and harassed plaintiff because of plaintiff’s sex and gender.”

Jane said after the incident, Juan offered her a dress and asked her to follow him to Snoop’s studio, adding “I want to see if he will make you the weather girl.”

The woman, who claimed to be a dancer and model, said when they got to Snoop’s studio, she had a stomach ache and decided to use the toilet.

The lawsuit said while she was in the toilet, Snoop walked in “standing with his crotch in plaintiff’s face, while plaintiff was defecating on the toilet.”

It also claimed that the rapper allegedly forced oral sex on her in the process.

It is understood that the woman sued the rapper and Juan for unspecified damages said to be valued at $10 million.

But the rapper denied the claim.

A source representing the 50-year-old told TMZ that the woman filed the suit on the heels of the Super Bowl where the rapper is expected to perform.

In a terse Instagram post, Snoop also called the public to be careful of “gold digger season” — in what appeared to be a dig at the woman.

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