Valentine’s Day 2022: Here are some unique gift ideas for your loved ones


Valentine’s Day 2022: Here are some unique gift ideas for your loved ones

Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated on 14 February, is around the corner and people are gearing up to celebrate it with their loved ones. The week-long celebration begins from 7 February and ends on 14 February. To mark the occasion, individuals around the world buy gifts for their special ones.

Right from the beginning of this special week, couples have been surprising each other with flowers, chocolates and gifts. In order to make your loved ones feel special this year, here are some unique gift ideas to help you out:

Book Holder: If your dear one is a book worm, then get a book holder so that they can keep aside their paper bookmark and use this. With this book holder, they can place their book on the stand and pick up where they left rather than searching for the pages.

Scented Candles: Scented candles are a craze these days and everyone is falling in love with them. One of the best ways to create an atmosphere of love is to gift scented candles. A good smell around the house will definitely make your and your partner’s mood light. Even if you’re buying a gift at the last moment, you can purchase these candles from any mall or shop around the city or town.

SmartWatch: Going by the current trend, a smartwatch is one of the best options to give to your special one. This gift will not only be a symbol of love and care but will also remind them to stay healthy and fit. Smartwatch comes with vibrant colours as well as shapes, so your partner will love it when gifted to them.

Personalised handwritten jewellery: Buying jewelry is already a thoughtful gift and if it’s custom made or personalised then it has to be the best gift ever. Those who want to spend an extra buck, can surprise your gift recipient with a gold or silver bracelet/chain with their name written on it. They are sure to treasure it forever!

Calendar with cherished photos: Looking into old photos that have memories attached brings an instant source of joy. Think about structuring your best moments into a calendar. It will be a great gift that will fill each day with more gratitude by just looking at them. Those who want can order for a table calendar with family photos or close ones taken over the years. This is not just thoughtful but a wonderful idea too.

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