Bamise: Govt yet to provide autopsy details – Father, Mr Joseph


Bamise: Govt yet to provide autopsy details – Father, Mr Joseph

Mr Joseph, the father of the murdered BRT passenger, Oluwabamise Ayanwola, has said government is yet to provide autopsy report on his daughter’s death as promised.

His daughter was murdered after boarding a BRT bus in Lagos. Fearing for her safety while alone inside the bus at night, Bamise sent a voice not to her friend to reach for help.

Her corpse was later found by the roadside where it was dumped by her killer(s).

“It is hard to believe that my daughter is no more,” her 84-year-old pastor father said as quoted by Vanguard.

“As a man of God, I pray for him and other leaders from my altar every day. So, I want him to help me get justice,” he said.

On whether his daughter’s body was mutilated, he said: “The government says it will perform an autopsy on the body of the deceased; we are still waiting for the result.”

Bamise’s mother, Comfort Ayanwola, had earlier stated that the BRT bus driver can be nailed with just the viral audio note her daughter sent to her friend shortly before her death.

She said: “The evidence, which had gone viral, should be enough evidence for the prosecution of the suspect.

“The driver is now lying that kidnappers pointed a gun at him and dragged our daughter out of the BRT bus he was driving and was in transit then.

“Kidnappers pointed a gun at him, dragged his passenger out from the bus in transit and he did not go to the police station to report the matter, it is a lie.”