Why I don’t like being called a celebrity – Funsho Adeolu


Why I don’t like being called a celebrity – Funsho Adeolu

Veteran actor, Funsho Adeolu, has said he does not fancy being called a celebrity. According to him, he prefers to be called a thespian.

Asked how he has been able to maintain relevance in the industry for as long as he has, the role interpreter told Saturday Beats, “Perhaps, it’s because I am original. I have serious passion for acting. I am not about money or fame. That is why I don’t like being called a celebrity. I prefer to be called an actor. A celebrity is a ‘diva’, while an actor is a thespian. A thespian understands that no matter what happens, the show must go on. A thespian is focused on getting the job done and he wants to impart knowledge. It is not just about showing his face in a movie.”

Reflecting on the changes he would like to see in Nollywood, Adeolu said, “I will like to see more professionals in the industry. If you are interested in acting or being behind the camera, you have to get the necessary training. It is not just about having an interest in it; you need to get formal training.

“One also needs to protect one’s name and brand. Some people are all about making money; while others are particular about maintaining a good name. Having a good name is better than any other thing. One should have a name that unborn generations would be proud of.”

The actor and master of ceremonies also stated that the lack of standards in the industry is responsible for the low quality of some of the films churned out. He said, “The only reason people don’t do the real thing is because there is no standard. Someone (an actress) recently stated that they don’t know anything about the Actors Guild of Nigeria. I don’t blame her though. But, it was a slap on her face because if one is in an industry and one does not know the people operating in the industry, that means the person is not really in the industry in the true sense of the world. It was not wrong of her to have said she didn’t know about AGN. However, she should have found out what it takes to be a member of the guild.”