5 incredible things pineapple does to your skin

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5 incredible things pineapple does to your skin

You will be amazed by the enormous beauty benefits pineapple comes with aside from its health benefits like good digestion and boosting immunity.

This fruit is rich in vitamins and minerals like potassium, copper, manganese, calcium, sodium, and magnesium are also found in pineapples.

Enhance the richness your skin by drinking, eating, and topically applying pineapple juice on a regular basis is a powerful. It is a proven way for you to achieve; clear, radiant skin.

Here are 5 incredible things pineapple does to your skin.

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1.Combats aging

Stay looking ‘younger’ and fresher by eating pineapples regularly. It slows down the aging process with antioxidants and alpha-hydroxy acids its rich in.

2.Minimizes Dark Spots

Pineapple is rich in ascorbric acid with is very effective in fading scars and dark spots. Simply dab pineapple juice on your dark spots, leave on for five minutes, then rinse if off with lukewarm water.


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3.Blasts acne away

To get rid of dark acne and pimples, it is recommended that one should rub the slices of pineapple over these black spots.

4. Clearer Complexion

Pineapples contains pineapple fruit enzymes (proteolytic plant enzymes) that remove dead skin cells and brighten your skin.

5.Aids wound healing.

Pineapple has antioxidant, vitamin C can help prevent damage to skin cells caused by free radicals. It may help promote wound healing by supporting the production of new skin cells.

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