5 reasons you shouldn’t go to the beach in Lagos


5 reasons you shouldn’t go to the beach in Lagos

While the beaches in Lagos are indeed beautiful, they are not easy to get to and can sometimes be very dangerous.

Here are five reasons why you should avoid beaches in Lagos;

1. Beaches in Lagos are dirty

Don’t be fooled by aerial photos and videos, the beaches in Lagos are notoriously dirty. Garbage litters the sand, and often the water is murky with the detritus of urban life.

For one thing, there’s fecal matter in the water. Raw sewage is dumped regularly on some beach areas – so you’re very likely to get infected with something unpleasant if you go into the water.

Even if that doesn’t bother you, don’t try walking on the sand barefoot either; you’ll probably step on broken glass before long. The shoreline is littered with it from discarded bottles and other assorted trash left behind by careless visitors.

2. Beaches in Lagos can be unhygienic and very dangerous

Asides the likelihood of getting an infection, you are also at risk of being robbed or falling victim to a crime of opportunity on the beach. There’s always the possibility of being mugged by someone who wants your phone. Those looking for an easy mark will scope out easy-going visitors and walk away with their belongings if they see fit.

Beaches are also rife with unhygienic food practices, as vendors commonly prepare meals on dirty surfaces and don’t wash their hands before cooking, leaving many people with severe cases of food poisoning.

If you happen to avoid being mugged and eating unhealthy food, there’s another threat lurking when you go to a beach – the need to use the bathroom. Some bathroom stalls are so dirty that visitors are forced to relieve themselves on the sand, causing another set of public health issues.

3. Some beaches in Lagos have no lifeguards

This is a very important point to consider, especially if you’re not a strong swimmer or have other health problems. Every year, people die at the beach because they didn’t know how to swim and got caught in a riptide.

If you decide to visit the beach, you need to be aware that some beaches in the area don’t have lifeguards on duty. This means that if you don’t know how to swim, you’ll want to avoid those beaches. If your plan for the day includes drinking alcohol, then those beaches are off-limits as well. If you’re swimming in a group and one or two people aren’t experienced swimmers, you should also choose a different beach.

4. Some men could be inappropriate

Another major reason why you should avoid going to the beach in Lagos is because of the men. There are some men on the beach who are there just to exhibit inappropriate behaviour, these men will try their best to take pictures of you without your permission or ask how much it costs to spend a night with you. Sometimes, these men become overly aggressive and start touching you as they walk by.

If you are a woman, it may be better for you to stay home or go somewhere else so that you do not risk experiencing any of these unfortunate situations.

5. Beaches in Lagos are overcrowded

If you enjoy a peaceful day out, Lagos beaches are not the place to be. The beaches are a popular spot for locals to go on the weekends and during holidays, meaning you will find it difficult to get a quiet spot on the beach. You are likely to also have trouble finding a safe parking space, which means there’s the risk of your car being stolen.

You may also have trouble finding a shop where the owner will give you attention because they would be too busy serving other customers or rushing to serve others. In the end, you would be better off sleeping or watching a movie at home.