5 surprising cosmetic surgeries people do


5 surprising cosmetic surgeries people do

Nowadays, people use surgery to constantly improve themselves, but some surgeries people are surprising.

Here are five of them;

Some short people are looking for a way out of being short and going under the knife to appear taller.

Surgeries that involve bones are painful and take a long while to recover. If you were born with a birth defect, like bow legs and it affected how you walked, then limb lightening might be a good idea.

Dimples are dents on people’s faces when they smile. It gives people are lovely smile, but it is supposed to be a natural beauty mark. Interestingly, some people go under the knife for it.

If you have added just a little weight, you would start to notice friction in your thigh. It can be uncomfortable and some people go under the knife to reduce the fat between their legs.

Men’s balls or sacks can be a little wrinkly, and some men would love to have smoother balls, so they go for laser treatment scrotoplasty.

It is also called scrotal lift surgery. There are many downsides to it like it could affect a man’s ability to ejaculate, urinate and he has to go in every four weeks to have it straighen out again.

This prevents breasts from falling or sagging – they are like internal push-up bras. It involves inserting silicone cups under your breast tissue. The cups are kept in place by silk straps and anchored titanium screws in the rib cage.

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