Meet Stunning Chinese Journalist Kande Gao Who Speaks Hausa Fluently (Photos)


Meet Stunning Chinese Journalist Kande Gao Who Speaks Hausa Fluently (Photos)

TSB News learnt that Kande Gao is a Chinese woman that works with the Hausa faction of the favored Chinese broadcasting network known as CRI. Kande and her team studied Hausa language even before stepping foot in Nigeria. She was able to master the art of the language and navigated her way through the amazing lifestyles, traditions and customs of the Hausa people.

She learned the history of the Hausa people, their origin and a couple of important historical events within the journey of the Hausa culture.

Kande Gao didn’t visit Nigeria until after her graduation. During her further education within the sector of history, Kande Gao visited Kano state where she studied and ran a project at the distinguished Bayero University Kano. She used the prospect to interact with many prominent Nigerians who are all of Hausa origin, a bit like the emir of Kano, the management of the Bayero University Kano also as common Hausa children on the streets.

Her perfection of the language made her enjoy massive attention on the broadcasting network. She runs a personal page on Facebook where she commited to point out Chinese language in Hausa for thousands of her fans.

Today, kande Gao is able to point out , lecture, write and interact in Hausa language fluently like all other Hausa woman. During her course of study, she adopted the name Kande which is an ancient traditional Hausa name but maintained her ancestral surname.

Also, some scholars from northern Nigeria who were studying at the same university along side her, supported her in inter communications.

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