See What A Man Said About His Mother

See What A Man Said About His Mother

A man has taken to social media to share photos and stories of how his mother raised him and his siblings and how he intends to repay her.

TSBNEWS report that the man who is now a successful businessman credited his mother for his success while reflecting on how she went to different houses to do cleaning jobs in order to provide for his needs.

He said: “I lost my Dad when i was very young. My uncles all abandoned us. Non (sic) of them ever came around to check on us to see if we were even feeding. Instead, all of my dad’s properties were sold & taken by them. My mom, who was just a housewife that time, single-handedly took care of me even when she had nothing.

“She will go to people’s houses, clean, wash & iron dresses & also do other odd jobs just so i could feed ..

“She even managed to send me to school, even though i had to drop out at a certain point because of financial difficulties. Still, she was the same person who sold almost all her properties & entrusted me with all her savings. prayed on it & gave me to start up a business.

“Today am a very successful businessman who owns houses & cars, all thanks to my mom, whom (sic) single-handedly raised & took care of me when everyone abandoned us. She is my hero & now it’s my turn to take care of her, I take her out almost every weekend just to show her how much I love & appreciate her. She deserves to reap the fruits of her labour.♥️♥️”

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