What investment in Nigeria is safe with 100% transparency?


What investment in Nigeria is safe with 100% transparency?

In the world of finance, many are looking for where to get accurate and timeline information that would help them grow businesses or direct them to investment opportunities

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What is the difference between a master card and a Verve card? 

Master card and Verve card: it just the brand, e.g., comparing Pepsi & Coke, same compositions and objectives but a different blend

Master card, owned by an American Multinational payment company is wider spread due to its international exposure and Verve card is owned by INTERSWITCH.

What is the difference between Credit card and Debit card?

Debit card: Used to make quick transactions. Meaning funds are debited from the available amount in the account.

Credit card: Transactions can be done regardless of the available amount in the account.

What investment in Nigeria is safe with 100% transparency?

If you thinking of a safe investment, one of the best places to start is the money market.

Savings account with fixed deposit, commercial papers, Treasury Bills

They won’t give the returns you looking for or mitigate you from the risk of inflation but they will preserve your capital.

What type of investments can I look at with $10,000. I’m a man in my mid 30’s with a wife and 2 kids, considering the current trend?

A man with a wife and two kids, meaning he has responsibilities and a family to take care of. This makes him more cautious. He has to preserve part of his capital and reduce the level of risk appetite. He needs the following:

  • Need to be very objective
  • Need to have a balanced portfolio of investment
  • Needs to have an emergency fund
  • Have a budgetary plan (i.e., short term, mid-term and long term)
  • Need to determine the level of risk appetite
  • Split the money e.g., If you want to be forward or bold with it 70% can be in assets that will preserve capital and the remaining 30% can be in assets that will grow over the long term (mutual funds, stocks, agric investments and cryptocurrency).
  • Needs to Invest in your partner.

Considering the times we are in, there are opportunities in the commodity space (particularly with the rise of inflation).

Primarily just have a good balance of your portfolio and if help is needed, you can get a financial advisor.

With Elon Musk successfully acquiring Twitter, is it the right time to buy Twitter shares or is there any investment opportunity?

That’s a tricky one. The stock is pretty much at its premium right now, the price is saturating and it will go private.

I think it’s unwise to invest except you are a professional investor and you know how to take positions very fast, because of the liquidity state.

A lot of investors do not mind if their investments are sustainable but are instead focused on the return, how can you identify a sustainable investment?

One major way to identify a sustainable investment is to know whether it is going to be useful over the long term. (Either stock in a company, crypto space, etc).

You want to go after assets that will be useful over the long term, probably based on the period we are in. For example, if Twitter stocks were low, that would have been a good investment.

To summarize, just go for investments that are useful in the long term.

With the current inflation rate what would you categorise as expensive or cheap?

To take Nigeria for a larger context, food has really affected a lot of people’s savings power and ability to diversify. In the advanced market, it is energy. Energy plays an important role.

What we need to understand is that inflation plays a major role and it is hard to control these days and agricultural commodities tend to increase during times like this.

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