Women should not wear miniskirts when they reach 39 years old – Study


Women should not wear miniskirts when they reach 39 years old – Study

Researchers from a small non-government organisation based in Busoga region recently polled 2,000 men and women in Uganda and found the majority believe discos should be avoided once you hit the age of 44, and women should stop wearing mini-skirts once they turn 39.

The Senior Citizens Benefit study shows that the age 38 is a key milestone for ‘growing up’, as this is the point at which people should stop acting like they are teenagers or in their early 20s.

As you grow older you many people believe that there is a dress code that suits you and one that does not. Mini-skirts are not for old people, so if a person passes the age of 38, they should drop the minis unless they have legs like Tina Turner,” says John Kiyimba of The Senior Citizens Benefit, Busoga-based NGO.

When it comes to dressing, society expects us to make mature choices as old people and opt for a more parental style,” he added.

The study also implies that the over-50s should not be out at midnight, and those at 49 must consider logging out of Facebook and Instagram forever.

A few years ago, the ever-controversial Piers Morgan wrote a hurtful article telling the Italian-American musician Madonna that she’s “too old to cavort on stage like a hooker”, when she was seen “dressed with less” from head to toe.

This scathing attack by Morgan revealed a global insecurity that society has with age and ageing, particularly when it comes to women.

However, is society the one to determine what one wears or how old one should be to wear one clothing article or another?

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