5 reasons why the vagina might be too tight


5 reasons why the vagina might be too tight

It is not normal for a woman’s vagina to be too tight. Even when she is unaroused, the vagina is at least three to four inches long though not lubricated. When she is aroused, a woman’s vagina expands and is well lubricated.

The problem is when she can’t engage in sexual intercourse because she is too tight and she feels pain and discomfort during penetration.

The feeling of a tight vagina during sexual penetration could be due to the following:

When a woman is sufficiently aroused, she is lubricated and penetration is easy. However, when she isn’t aroused, penetration is harder.

This situation can be remedied by sufficient foreplay and outercourse or lubricant bought at a pharmacy.

Sexual Transmitted Infections can make sex more painful even though they do not make the vagina tighter.

If you have been raped or sexually assaulted, there is a chance that the effect of the experience lingers.

This makes sex stressful and overwhelming. Your body might clamp down and your vagina tighten because of your body reacting to sexual activity in a fight or flight way.

Natural childbirth is through the vagina. Giving birth this way will undoubtedly affect the vagina and cause the muscles to feel a little different.

Childbirth causes hormonal fluctuations that can cause the vagina to feel tight. The scar tissue after childbirth also restricts the pelvic floor of the vagina.

This is a medical condition that causes the vagina to experience involuntary spasms before intercourse or medical condition.

No, it doesn’t.

It is a popular belief that if a woman has not had sex in a long time her vagina is closes up.

This is not true. You cannot be revirginized.

What usually happens is a person feels uncomfortable after prolonged abstinence from sex and their body doesn’t react the same. They need time to be made comfortable and a lot of foreplay.

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