Seven tips to strengthen parent-child relationship


Seven tips to strengthen parent-child relationship

Great family dynamic makes children feel loved and secure.

It gives them a healthy environment to grow to their full potential.

Here are seven ways to strengthen your bond with your children.

Play with them

Take interest in what interests your kids. Partake in sporting activities with them, play video games with them, and other fun ventures.

Those enjoyable moments shared laughing will definitely draw you closer and create timeless memories.

Listen to them

As an adult, it’s easy to assume you always know better but giving your child a voice will go a long way in their development.

And sometimes, it is possible for you to be wrong and your child to be right.

Let them help you

The easiest way to let your child know they are valued is when you let them help you. No matter how tiny the task is, you can always ask them to participate.

Tell them you love them

Not many parents around these parts easily and often utter the words I love you to their children.

But speaking those words to your child will serve as a reassurance that they are not alone in this world and they will know they can depend on you for emotional support, when needed.

Parenting goes way beyond feeding, clothing, and sending them to school.

Eat together 

It’s great to bond over food.

Set aside one meal of the day, like dinner, for the whole family to give everyone time to catch up.

Avoid shouting 

Sometimes they annoy and anger you, yes. It’s not so easy to control your temper when a child is being difficult.

But more often than not, after lashing out, you come to regret it.

There are more effective ways to discipline, correct and show displeasure when a child does something wrong.

So next time before you start yelling, take a deep breath and think of a way to let them know they have done wrong.

Tell them about your childhood

Your child should know you were a child once. Parenting is not a dictatorship.

Share with them your struggles, challenges, and your relationship with your own parents.

The child will learn better and faster from your experiences and mistakes.